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Consider These Road Trip Safety Tips First

The time to plan for that flat tire or dead battery when on the road trip is today. The following tips will ensure you have minimal downtime in case something goes wrong with you vehicle.
  • Keeping a set of jumper cables in the trunk will allow you to get a jump and be back on your way quickly.
  • The empty gas can could be your only hope of getting fuel when you are miles from home stranded.
  • Bring a box with hammer, screwdrivers, wrenches, pliers, and some duct tape so you can repair things quickly or make it to the…
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The Signs of a Failing Car Battery

Being able to detect signs of a failing car battery means you can get to the service center and get it replaced before you have troubles one morning with a dead battery in the car. Pay close attention if you notice any of the following failing battery signs.
  • There will be a very strong odor coming from the battery compartment in the car.
  • Looking at the battery closely, it appears that the casing is swollen.
  • Each morning when you try to start your vehicle the engine cranks very slowly.
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Safe Driving Surrounded by Aggressive Drivers

You don’t have to constantly to remind yourself that you’re not the only person on the road when driving. There are plenty of other drivers that do the reminding for you. We agree that not all of those drivers are happy to share the road with you.

However, those other drivers can actually help you stay safe. When you find yourself in situations where other drivers are being aggressive, or perhaps even rude, those are opportunities to increase your driving safety. Challenge yourself to learn from their bad behavior and rise above it.

Maintain a safe distance from…
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I Want Better Gas Mileage! Should I Get A New Car?

Gas mileage has been the subject of many, many conversations over the years. There are plenty of ways to get better gas mileage. What has to be done, however, is some habits have to change.

When you are at a stop sign or red light, do not take off all of a sudden. Most likely, you are not a race car driver, and doing that can get you a ticket and cost you in gas and wear on your engine. Take off with gentle pressure, and increase pressure slowly until you reach your desired speed. Properly inflated tires can save…
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2017 Ford Edge

There are a lot of people who are looking for new cars to purchase. If you want to invest in a new car, the 2017 Ford Edge is a great way to go. A lot of people today are excited about the new features and enhancements that are on this model. With all of the changes that are coming in the next couple of years, now is the perfect time to start buying a new vehicle.

We want to help you in any way that we can when it comes to buying your new car. A lot of people today…
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The 2017 Ford C-MAX Will Win You Over

You can't lose if you've got the keys to the 2017 Ford C-MAX. Whether you choose the Hybrid route or if you want to plug-in with the C-MAX Energi, you've got a winner on your hands. The sleek new design is perfect for young families, professionals, and those who are always on the go. The standard and available safety features of the 2017 C-MAX are backed by the brilliant engineers at Ford who want to make sure that you and those in tow have a safe and exciting ride. You'll have plenty of room to bring…
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Affordable, Dependable and Performance: 2017 Ford Fiesta


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Having the type of vehicle you can that depend on does not mean you have to spend beyond your budget. The all-new 2017 Ford Fiesta was built for the consumer, like you, that looks for value, dependability and performance.

You will be pleased with how much the Ford Fiesta is equipped with to help you stay within your budget. The Ford Fiesta has a superior interior design and great performance on the road. Its 1.6 liter Ti-VCT I-4 engine, electric power-assisted steering, electronic…
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The 2017 Ford Escape-Bring on the Adventure!

Are you sick of your car holding you back? Well, not anymore! The 2017 Ford Escape lets you go on adventures, enjoy your daily commutes, and even make long road trips fly by thanks to its easy navigation features and voice-recognition technology. With FordPass, you can check your fuel level, unlock, start, and even locate your Escape-all conveniently from your phone. Your Ford Escape even works hard to keep you and your passengers safe on the road with features like lane drift and blind spot alerts...

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Let The Focus Represent Your Personality

If you are a young professional and want to make a statement with your car, you cannot do any better than a 2017 Ford Focus. The exterior lines on this car are sleek, sporty, aerodynamic and polished. If you put the option of a spoiler on the back with the right rims, people will know that you're styling both in and out of the car. With the right exterior color on this car, you will be guaranteed to turn some heads.

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