Your Easy Road Trip Checklist

Jump into your travel plans with zest. A pre-road trip checklist places your travel plans in order. Start the list with a trip to Lehighton Ford right here in Lehighton, PA for a tune up for your car. A group of qualified auto service technicians can clear that item off your list quickly. If your vehicle needs tires rotated, oil changed or headlights adjusted, our Ford service agents are ready for the repair. Tips to think about:

  • First aid kit
  • Tire kit
  • Seat organizer
  • Water and a comfy blanket
  • Time schedule
  • Snacks

Planning a trip to visit friends or to see new places is easier when planned carefully. Packing your bags is the easy part. Now, putting a list together to foil problems is a little harder, there are so many things you might forget. Using a list is a good preventative measure when you are ready to go exploring. A change in environment is a real rejuvenator. Enjoy this wonderful holiday season!

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