Feel Safe with the Ford Blind Spot Information System

It is important for drivers to be defensive while traveling on the roadways. Incidents often happen unexpectedly and can catch a motorist off guard. These surprises lead to devastating accidents and injury. Paying attention to your blind spot is one of the most important driving attributes to have. However, these aspects of vehicle safety go unnoticed at times.

Ford offers a blind spot information system that assists people with this element on the road. Ford's Blind Spot Information System is designed to eliminate the unknown variables that can cause accidents while driving. The system alerts the driver of a vehicle in the rear that is within 10 feet of the bumper. The rear-view mirrors flash to indicate danger near the vehicle. Cross Traffic Alert kicks in when the automobile is in reverse. It detects objects up to 45ft away.

Come in to Lehighton Ford and learn about the Blind Spot Information System today.

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