What's the Deal with Summer Tires?

If you buy a Ford performance vehicle like the Mustang or Focus RS, it's likely to come standard with a set of summer tires. These tires are designed specifically for excellent traction and performance with soft rubber and shallow tread. If you enjoy curvy roads and plenty of power, summer tires are an excellent choice. But they're not always the right choice.

Summer tires usually aren't great year-round, especially in a place like Pennsylvania where the weather varies significantly from season to season. That's due to summer tires' soft rubber construction. Soft rubber tends to get stiff at lower temperatures, resulting in significant loss of grip. That means diminished performance and unsafe driving conditions.

At Lehighton Ford, we recommend having two sets of tires for your performance vehicle: one set of summer tires and one set of all-season or winter tires. During warmer months, you can make use of your car's full performance with soft tires. When the weather turns cold, you'll appreciate the grip of a harder-rubber tire with more robust tread.

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