What Does Your Check Engine Light Mean?

When you look down at your dashboard, and you see the check engine light on, it means that you may have a problem on your hands. The check engine light can signify any one of a number of issues, ranging from the mundane to the catastrophic - so it's important to remain on top of routine service check-ups at Lehighton Ford. The check engine light in your Ford model might be alluding to any of the following, which makes it more important to get in as soon as you need to:

  • Your gas cap could just be loose.
  • The radiator may be having issues.
  • Your O2 sensor could need to be replaced.
  • There could be problems with your catalytic converter.
  • Your spark plugs or plug wires could be faulty.
  • You could have a blown head gasket
  • The mass airflow sensor could need changing.
  • You may have a broken hose.
  • And a number of other possible issues.

If your check engine light is on, you may want to come down to our service center to have a diagnostic run so we can find your problem and fix it. We have skilled service technicians available at our local showroom, who can have your car back in working condition before you know it. See for yourself at 54 Blakeslee Blvd Drive East!

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