Enjoy Better Visibility With Electric Windshield Defrosting

The passenger or light-cargo vehicle called the 2018 Ford Transit Connect is built to provide drivers and passengers with comfortable and safe transportation in a variety of weather conditions. In addition to robust sensor and brake support, the 2018 Transit Connect offers drivers like you the convenience of the electric windshield and accessory defrosting system.

Winter weather can often bring rain, snow, and ice in its wake, and these elements can often collect on vehicle windshields and mirrors. The 2018 Transit Connect fights the potentially dangerous effects of windshield icing with the proprietary Quickclear electric windshield defrosting system.

The Quickclear system employs heating elements installed within windshield glass to quickly heat and defrost side-mirrors, water jets, and windshields. With the Quicklear system in gear, you no longer need to wait for air-based defrosters to get the job done.

You can get a front-seat look at this device and the other Connect systems during your complimentary test drive of one of our Lehighton Ford models. To enjoy a drive today, swing by our place in the Lehighton, PA area.

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